Firefighter and Police Representation

California Injured Firefighter and Police Representation

If you’re an East Bay public safety member, a police officer, or firefighter somewhere in Northern or Central California who has been seriously injured or stricken ill in the line of duty, the dedicated Elder and Berg attorneys want to help you obtain the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Our work-injury, disability and benefits law firm is a fixture in the Bay Area because we have always paid serious attention to the serious injuries and illnesses of our hard-working public servants. Whether your needs arise during your active career or after retirement, we want to help you and your family get the compensation and benefits you are entitled to us a public safety worker. Often, we can start cases five or ten or fifteen years after retirement, but time limits are ticking so stop waiting. Contact us now.

When it comes to occupational illnesses, we know the presumption laws affecting public workers, especially cancer and heart presumptions. We also regularly deal with salary benefit laws and public employee retirement laws.

We work on a contingency-fee basis, and those fees are subject to the California workers’ compensation board’s approval. We earn nothing until you receive the benefits you and your family deserve.

Contact us at our Concord law offices by toll-free phone, fax or e-mail to schedule your free initial consultation. Call now at 800-242-COMP.

Serious Attention for the Needs of Firefighters and Police Officers

You can trust the Elder and Berg law firm’s 35 years of successful representation of public safety workers across Northern California, for injuries and illnesses such as:

We’ll work hard to see to it that workers’ compensation and administrative law judges give your case every chance to succeed. With each new case we handle we continue to give serious attention to your serious medical and financial needs. So contact our law office today and discover the difference that Elder and Berg can make in your physical health and fiscal future.

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Cases may be lost due to time limits so contact the Bay Area work-injury and disability law firm Elder and Berg today. Contact us locally or toll-free at 1-800-242-COMP from wherever you are in Northern California, to schedule your free initial consultation.