Personal Injury Litigation

Northern California Personal Injury Litigation Attorneys

Are you a Northern California worker who’s been severely injured or stricken ill while on the job, due to an accident or exposure to a deadly toxin?

Are you considering personal injury litigation against any number of participants for the shape that you and your family have found yourselves in, fiscally and physically?

We’ve helped people just like you obtain the compensation they deserve, and we’ve done it for 35 years at the law firm of Elder and Berg. Our experienced, caring lawyers provide serious legal representation for the personal injury litigation needs of people in Northern and Central California.

Your job-related problems could have begun with a major accident due to the negligence of another. It could have been aggravated by work exposure over which you had no control at the time. In either case, you shouldn’t have to take these physical and morale setbacks lying down. We’ll work hard, on a contingency fee basis, to achieve the kind of financial justice you’ve got coming.

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Serious Attention for Your Serious Personal Injury or Illness Litigation

If you’re an employee that has been injured on the job and is seeking representation for lost wage claims or medical treatment expenses, Elder and Berg can help. We can file lawsuits against third-parties in private industry as well as federal, state and local government.

Your personal injury litigation is in good hands, at Elder and Berg. Our lawyers’ combined 50 years of experience prove it. Contact our Concord law offices today.

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Cases may be lost to time limits so make the toll-free phone call to 800-242-COMP today and speak with Elder and Berg to discuss how we can help with the personal injury litigation you may be contemplating. You can also contact us by fax and e-mail.