Social Security Disability

Northern and Central California SSDI Disability Attorneys

Has your application for Social Security disability benefits been denied? What’s your next move? Whom can you turn to?

For 35 years, the concerned Northern and Central California lawyers with Elder and Berg in Concord have aggressively represented the rights of those seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

If your first claim for benefits has been denied, you should be in touch with us right away. We take you smoothly through the benefits appeals process, including reconsideration and a hearing before an administrative law judge.

We want you to have the financial support, medical care and coverage you deserve. That’s why, at Elder and Berg, we always give serious attention to your serious Social Security and disability benefits needs.

If you’ve been denied SSI benefits in the East Bay or anywhere in Northern California, contact the Elder and Berg retirement and disability lawyers today. Your toll-free phone call to our Concord headquarters can arrange your free initial consultation. We can also be reached by local phone, fax or e-mail. Call us today at 1-800-242-COMP.

Serious Attention for Your Serious Social Security and Disability Needs

Our skilled East Bay law firm regularly represents clients who have been stricken with a wide variety of disabilities. We can also aggressively advocate on behalf of individuals with mental disability claims and spinal cord disability claims, as well as those for persons who have exceeded the age of 50.

Our experience in this area allows us to relate to the challenges you face. We can help you through the many steps necessary to obtain the SSDI benefits you deserve. We can also help you with the questions that many clients wind up asking themselves, such as whether they should work while on SSDI, or whether they can actually afford the services of a certain physician while engaged in the appeals process.

Family budget worries over these problems should be the last thing on your minds. Therefore, at Elder and Berg, we handle all SSDI cases on a contingency fee basis. You receive no bill from us unless we’ve won your disability claim for you.

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Have your Social Security disability benefits — the same ones you thought you could count on — been denied? Could the help of an experienced retirement and disability lawyer in Northern California make a difference in your case?

If the answer to those questions is “yes,” contact the Elder and Berg law office headquartered in Concord, California today. Cases may be lost due to time limits so call us toll-free at 1-800-242-COMP and we’ll set up your free initial consultation.